Academic Profile

Academic Qualifications:
5. 1997: Ph.D. in communication, Indiana University, USA
6. 1987: M.A. in communication, Stanford University, U.S.A.
7. 1986: M.A. in English language, Xiamen University, China.
7. 1983: B.A. in English literature, Xiamen University. China.

Summary of Working Experience:

8.2007 – present: Associate Dean, College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, (HASS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU).
10.2007-present: Director, China Programme Office, College of HASS, NTU.
8.2006-4.2007: Associate Chair, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, NTU
5.2005-8.2006: Vice Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU
4.2006-present: Chairman, Management Committee of Self-funded Programmes
4.2004 –present: Associate Professor, HSS, NTU
11/2005-present: Head, Public Administration Group, HSS, NTU
2000 – present: Adjunct Professor, Xiamen University, China.

Number of referreed journal papers: 13
Number of conference papers: 23
Number of books: 1
Number of book chapters: 4

Research Projects in 2007-08 as Principal investigator:

1. External Grant: (2007. Lien Foundation for Social Innovation). $40,000. Project title: Strategic Innovations in Chinese Nonprofit Organizations and Their Impacts on Performance.
2. (2006) . Academic Research Grant, NTU, S21,040. Project title: Eyeballing the media: an exploratory study of media relations for organizations in Singapore.
3. (2007). Academic Research Grant, NTU, S1,130.

1. 8. 2001. Top faculty-student research paper, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) annual conference, USA. AEJMC is the largest association in journalism and communication in the world.
2. 8. 1996.. An award of $7000 from Ford Foundation after a national competition.
3. 11-16, 1995: Winner of a national competition to attend a special seminar on media studies held by the Freedom Forum, New York, USA.
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Assoc Prof Wu Wei
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences

Wu Wei specializes in communication and management. He has conducted a wide range of studies on media effects, public relations with publications in top-ranking international journals and presentations at major international conferences. He has also taught courses of Government-media Relations, Public Relations, and Organisational Communication at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His recent research projects involve on studies of public communication, government-media relations in Singapore, and NGO management in China.
  • Wu Wei. (2018, December). The Quality of Public Service Delivery and its policy applications in China. Paper presented at International Conference on Social Science and Humanities, South Africa.

  • Wu Wei. (2018, November). Effective Public Service Delivery: Singapore Experiences. Paper presented at Third International Conference on Public Service Delivery, China.

  • Wu Wei. (2018, June). Human Capital Development: Lessons from the Mayors' Class. Paper presented at International Conference on Human Capital Development, China.

  • Wu Wei. (2017, December). Citizen Participation and Public Service Performance: Challenges and Opportunities. Paper presented at The Macro-trend on Social Science Conference, Paris.

  • Wu, W., Ma, L., Yu, W. (2017). Political Efficacy, Trust and Citizen Engagement: Evidences from Urban China. American Society for Public Administration.