Academic Profile : No longer with NTU

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Dr Sylvain Rigaud
Lecturer, Asian School of the Environment
Controlled Keywords
Bsc: Aix-Marseille University, France - 2004
Msc: CEREGE, France - 2006
PhD: University of Geneva, Switzerland - 2012
Carbonate Sedimentology

I am comparing fossil and sedimentological archives. Convinced that the co-evolution of life and rocks through time will help resolving major questions about life inner workings and past climatic, environmental and oceanographic changes, I intend to develop innovative scientific projects, bridging disciplines, on various aspects of paleontology and sedimentology, with a special focus on the foraminiferal evolution over the Phanerozoic. The scientific questions I would like to address are:
• When and why did major foraminiferal radiations and extinctions occur?
• What controls the spatial and temporal distribution of foraminifers?
• How do foraminiferal tests reflect the biological and genetic complexity?
I therefore focus my research on questioning, refining and expanding our current knowledge on the taxonomy, evolution, phylogeny, ecology, biology, and geographic and stratigraphic distribution of foraminifers through time and space, with the final objective of constraining controls and mechanisms involved in life development and evolution and anticipating future impacts on life and climate.
  • Investigating coral microendolithic communities in South-East Asia to develop new, more effective tools for Pleistocene (Quaternary) sea-level reconstructions