Academic Profile

Dr Francesco PERONO CACCIAFOCO (Ph.D. University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy, 2011) is, currently, a Senior Lecturer in Historical Linguistics at the Linguistics and Multilingual Studies Programme (LMS), School of Humanities (SoH), College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CoHASS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, where he teaches Historical Linguistics, Etymology, Language and Oral Tradition, Historical Semantics, and History of Cryptography. At the School of Humanities (SoH), he is also the Latin Language Lead Coordinator at the Centre for Modern Languages (CML), where he teaches Latin Language.

He has got his Master of Arts in Classical Philology and Historical Linguistics (with a Dissertation on the History of the Latin Language) and his PhD in Historical Linguistics, Greek and Latin Philology and Literature, and Comparative Literature (with a Dissertation on the Historical Development of the Late Latin Language and Poetry) at the University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy), working with Prof. Claudio M. Moreschini and Prof. Maria G. Arcamone.

His Research expertise and interests are mainly focused on Historical Linguistics, on the etymological reconstruction of Indo-European (prehistoric) place names (Historical Toponomastics), on the study of Aegean Civilizations and Scripts, on the documentation of languages from South-East Asia belonging, in particular, to the Papuan and Austronesian families, and on the History of Cryptology and Crypto-Linguistics.

His academic background includes also Comparative Literature, Classical Philology, Theoretical Linguistics, Historical Geography, and Paleo-Anthropology. He has mainly studied, in these fields, Contemporary Western Poetry and the parodic Literature of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, oral (Homeric) Literature in Ancient Greece, the History of Greek and Roman Medicine and Medical Literature, the relations between landscape and the naming process of place names, and the prehistory of languages in Europe and Asia. At NTU, SoH, LMS, he has also been a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and a Research Fellow in Linguistics.

An Etymologist and Historian of Languages, he has developed Research work in Historical Linguistics and Mycenaeology at the University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy) and he has taught, as an Adjunct Professor, Comparative Literature and History of Greek and Roman Medical Literature at the International University of Pollenzo - UNISG (Pollenzo, Italy).

He has published around 80 Research works (papers, books, conference talks, book reviews, and chapters in academic books).

In the field of Indo-European Linguistics, he has developed the so-called New Convergence Theory (NCT) on Indo-European origins, working, among others, with Dr Guido Borghi (University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy) and Prof. Martin Bernal.

He is the recipient of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Humanities (SoH) Lecturers Excellence (LEX) Award 2018 (Best Lecturer - Awarded).

Francesco is an Academic Mentor and Reviewer at the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), where he is also a Member of the Committee on Endangered Languages and Their Preservation (CELP).

Undergraduate Courses

HG2093 Discovering Unwritten Stories: A General Introduction to Toponymy and Toponomastics
HG2094 Word of Mouth: Transmission of Oral Culture
HG2095 Codes from the Past: A General Introduction to the History of Cryptography
HG2097 What's in a Name? - A General Introduction to Etymology
HG3021 Language Change (Historical Linguistics)
HG4044 Language Evolution
HG4049 Semantic Analysis (Historical Semantics)
HG8009 Introduction to Human Evolution
HG8012 Code-Breakers at Work: A General Introduction to Cryptology and Crypto-Linguistics
SP0036 Paleoanthropology and Human Evolution
LX9001 Latin Language Level 1
LX9002 Latin Language Level 2

Graduate Courses

HG7009 Topics in Historical Linguistics
HG7020 Readings in Linguistics Research
HG7029 Advanced Semantics
HG7038 Origins and Evolution of Language: Biological, Computational, and Culture

LMS Internship Coordinator
Latin Language Lead Coordinator (at CML) ​
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Dr F. Perono Cacciafoco
Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities

Historical Linguistics, Etymology, Diachronic Toponymy, Historical Semantics, Onomastics, Indo-European Linguistics, Language Documentation, Descriptive Linguistics, Theoretical Linguistics, Austronesian and Papuan Languages, Landscape Archaeology
  • An Online Open-Source Database for the Dongba Pictographic Writing System

  • Polyglot medical Heritage in Maritime Southeast Asia: Foundational Resources and Digital Tools
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  • Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco. (2019). A Prehistoric 'Little Goose': A New Etymology for the Word 'Ocarina'. Annals of the University of Craiova: Series Philology - Linguistics, XLI(1-2), 356-369.

  • Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco, and Francesco Cavallaro. (2018). Lamòling Bèaka: Immanence, Rituals, and Sacred Objects in an Unwritten Legend in Alor. Religions (Special Issue "Religion, Rituals, and Ritualistic Objects"), 9(7) 211, 1-15.

  • Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco, and Francesco Cavallaro. (2017). The Legend of Lamòling: Unwritten Memories and Diachronic Toponymy through the Lens of an Abui Myth. Lingua: An International Review of General Linguistics, 193, 51-61.

  • Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco. (2016). Where the River Converges: Toponymic Stratigraphy of "Bistagno" and "Sessame". Annals of the University of Craiova: Series Philology - Linguistics, 38(1 / 2), 69-81.

  • Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco, and Francesco Cavallaro, František Kratochvíl. (2015). Diachronic Toponomastics and Language Reconstruction in South-East Asia According to an Experimental Convergent Methodology: Abui as a Case-Study. Review of Historical Geography and Toponomastics, 10(19-20), 29-47.