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Assoc Prof Alfred Tok Iing Yoong
Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
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1. Nguyen T.D.**, Yeo L.P.**, Ong A.J., Wang Z.*, Mandler D., Magdassi S., and Tok A.I.Y.~^ (2020). Electrochromic smart glass coating on functional nano-frameworks for effective building energy conservation. Materials Today Energy, 18, 100496.

2. Nguyen T.D.**, Yeo L.P.**, Yang K.S., Tan C.K.**, Wang Z.*, Mandler D., Magdassi S., and Tok A.I.Y.~^ (2020). Fabrication and characterization of graphene quantum dots thin film for reducing cross-sectional heat transfer through smart window. Materials Research Bulletin, 127, 110861.

3. Song M., Tan H., Li X., Tok A.I.Y., Liang P., Chao D., and Fan H.J. (2020). Atomic‐Layer‐Deposited Amorphous MoS2 for Durable and Flexible Li–O2 Batteries. Small Methods, 4(6), 1900274.

4. Wang Z.*, Nguyen T.D.**, Yeo L.P.**, Tan C.K.**, Gan L., and Tok A.I.Y~^ (2020). Periodic FTO IOs/CdS NRs/CdSe Clusters with Superior Light Scattering Ability for Improved Photoelectrochemical Performance. Small, 16(6), 1905826.

5. Wang Z.*, Yang G., Tan C.K.**, Nguyen T.D.**, and Tok A.I.Y.~^ (2019). Amorphous TiO2 coated hierarchical WO3 Nanosheet/CdS Nanorod arrays for improved photoelectrochemical performance. Applied Surface Science, 490, 411-419.

6. Khang Ngoc Dinh, Liang Q., Du C.-F., Zhao J., Tok A.I.Y., Mao H., and Yan Q. (2019). Nanostructured metallic transition metal carbides, nitrides, phosphides, and borides for energy storage and conversion. Nano Today, 25, 99-121.

7. Wang Z.*, Li X.**, Tan C.K.**, Qian C., Grimsdale A.C., and Tok A.I.Y.~^ (2019). Highly porous SnO2 nanosheet arrays sandwiched within TiO2 and CdS quantum dots for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting. Applied Surface Science, 470, 800-806.

8. Li X.**, Puttaswamy M.**, Wang Z.*, Tan C.K.**, Grimsdale A.C. Kherani N.P., and Tok A.I.Y.~^ (2017). A pressure tuned stop-flow atomic layer deposition process for MoS2 on high porous nanostructure and fabrication of TiO2/MoS2 core/shell inverse opal structure. Applied Surface Science, 422, 536-543.

9. Fam D.W.H.**, Azoubel S., Liu L., Huang J.**, Mandler D., Magdassi S., and Tok A.I.Y.~^ (2015). Novel felt pseudocapacitor based on carbon nanotube/metal oxides. Journal of Materials Science, 50(20), 6578-6858.

10. Niu W.**, Li X.**, Karuturi S.K.*, Fam D.W.**, Fan H., Shrestha S., Wong L.H., and Tok A.I.Y.~^ (2015). Applications of atomic layer deposition in solar cells. Nanotechnology, 26(6), 064001.

11. Huang J.**, Chen H.*, Niu W.**, Fam D.W.H., Palaniappan A., Larisika M., Faulkner S.H., Nowak C., Nimmo M.A., Liedberg B., and Tok A.I.Y.~^ (2015). Highly manufacturable graphene oxide biosensor for sensitive Interleukin-6 detection. RSC Advances, 5(49), 39245-39251. #

12. Niu W.**, Su L.T.** Chen R., Chen H.*, Palaniappan A., Sun H., and Tok A.I.Y.~^ (2014). 3-Dimensional photonic crystal surface enhanced upconversion emission for improved near-infrared photoresponse. Nanoscale, 6(2), 817-824.
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