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Assoc Prof Justin Song Chien Wen
Associate Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Provost’s Chair in Physics
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D Ma, A Arora, G Vignale, JCW Song*, (2023) Anomalous skew-scattering nonlinear Hall effect and chiral photocurrents in PT-symmetric antiferromagnets Physical Review Letters 131, 076601.

Q Ma, R Krishna Kumar, SY Xu, FHL Koppens, JCW Song*, (2023) Photocurrent as a multiphysics probe of quantum materials Nature Reviews Physics 5, , 170–184

A Arora, MS Rudner, JCW Song* (2022) Quantum plasmonic non-reciprocity in parity violating magnets Nano Letters 22, 9351-9357.

LK Shi, D Zhang, K Chang, JCW Song*. (2021). Geometric photon-drag effect and nonlinear shift current in centrosymmetric crystals. Physical Review Letters 126, 197402.

MS Rudner*, JCW Song*. (2019). Self-induced Berry flux and spontaneous non-equilibrium magnetism. Nature Physics, 15, 1017–1021.

JCW Song*, NM Gabor*. (2018). Electron quantum metamaterials in van der Waals heterostructures. Nature Nanotechnology, 13, 986-993.

LK Shi, JCW Song*. (2018). Plasmon geometric phase and plasmon Hall shift. Physical Review X, 8, 021020.