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Assoc Prof Justin Song Chien Wen
Associate Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Provost’s Chair in Physics
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Justin Song is a quantum materials physicist interested in unconventional electronic behavior in a wide range of materials platforms and devices. He joined the physics faculty at NTU Singapore in 2016. He was appointed Provost's chair in physics in 2019 and re-appointed in 2024. Previously, he was a Burke fellow and Sherman Fairchild scholar of physics at Caltech.

Justin Song received his BSc and ARCS in physics from Imperial College London (2007), an AM from Harvard (2011), and a PhD from Harvard (2014). He is the recipient of a number of awards including the Singapore Young Scientist Award (2017), a National Research Foundation Fellowship (2016), and Sherman Fairchild Prize/Burke Fellowship (2014).
Justin's research interests cover a broad range in theoretical condensed matter physics and emergent phenomena in quantum materials. He is particularly interested in quantum geometry and its interplay with interacting correlated electronic systems, specifically how this interplay can alter electronic transport and dynamical phenomena. Other interests include plasmonics, out-of-equilibrium quantum phases, as well as unconventional interactions in layered materials.
  • Functional Quantum Geometric Opto-Electronics
  • Moiré engineering of correlated quantum states at oxide/2D-material interfaces
  • Provost's Chair in Physics
  • Quantum Geometric Advantage
  • Quantum Geometric Advantage - Quantum transport and mesoscopic theory