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Assoc Prof Gray Hodgkinson
Associate Chair
Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media
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Gray Hodgkinson. (2017, October). Lights, Virtual Camera, Action!. Paper presented at Asia Animation Forum, Bucheon, South Korea.

Hodgkinson, G. (2016). Lock up your stories – here comes Virtual Reality. TechArt, 3(4), 5.

Hodgkinson, G. (2016, June). Virtual Reality will break your narrative. Paper presented at Society of Animation Studies Annual Conference 2016, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Gray Hodgkinson. (2017). Lights, Virtual Camera, Action!. TechArt, 4(4), 6.

Hodgkinson, G. McAuley, M. (2017). The research poster and how it consolidates and communicates key concepts of a research inquiry. The International Journal of Design Education, 11(1), 1-14.