Academic Profile

Dr. Chen obtained his PhD in 1997 from the University of Reading, under sponsorship of the Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) by the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals and a European Union research grant. After graduation, he joined the newly founded Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), a national research institute funded by the Singapore government. After spending three fruitful years in IMRE, the passion for education has brought him to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as an Assistant Professor in March 2000. He has been promoted to Associate Professor and Professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering since then. So far, Prof. Chen has graduated 34 PhD students and 6 MEng students. He has also supervised over 200 undergraduate research projects (FYP, URECA, etc.).

Prof. Chen’s research interest includes 1) Surface engineering of materials and nanostructures; 2) Mechanical behavior of materials. In the study of thin film mechanical behavior, he was the first to discover a significant substrate compliance effect on the energy release rate of thin film delamination. He also pioneered a novel buckling-based technique to measure thin film fracture toughness. The work in this area provides critical insights and design guidance for the development of flexible, printable electronic devices. His team has also made substantial progress in the development of mechanically durable coatings for self-cleaning, anti-icing, anti-fogging, and anti-fingerprint applications. Several patents / technological disclosures are made in this area.

Prof. Chen has been active in applied research with a total industrial funding exceeding 10M SGD. In the academic community, he has served as an editor / editorial board member for several academic journals and book series. He has also served as a reviewer for more than 70 journals and a number of research funding agencies including the European Research Council (ERC).
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Prof Chen Zhong
Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering

Surface Engineering of Materials: Thin films & engineered nanostructures for clean energy and environmental applications; Microelectronic thin films; Protective and functional surface coatings.

Mechanical Behavior of Materials: Deformation, fracture, fatigue, and creep of bulk monolithic & composite materials, thin films and multi-layers; Experimental and computational mechanics of materials; Materials degradation and failure analysis.
  • Distribution Switchgear Degradation Study

  • Fast Treatment Of Gaseous Pollutants Through Synergistic Photocatalytic-Plasma Actions

  • Internet of Things (IAF-ICP)

  • Internet of Things (NTU)

  • Internet of Things (RR)

  • Project 2: Distribution Switchgear Degradation Study

  • Surface Functionalization of Polymeric Materials using Plasma Technique towards Practical Applications
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