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Asst Prof Katherine Hindley
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities
Journal Articles
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Katherine Hindley. (2019). Hippocrates the Fool: Faith and Healing in Lovelich's History of the Holy Grail. Moving Worlds: A Journal of Transcultural Writings, 19(2), 110-121.

Katherine Hindley.(2019). The Power of Not Reading: Amulet Rolls in Medieval England. The Roll in England and France in the Late Middle Ages(289-306). Berlin, Munich, and Boston: De Gruyter.

Katherine Hindley.(2019). Eating Words and Burning Them: The Power of Destruction in Medieval English Charm Texts. Zerstörung von Geschriebenem. Historiche und transkulturelle Perspektiven / Destruction of Writing. Historical and Transcultural PerspectivesBerlin, Munich, and Boston: De Gruyter.

Katherine Hindley. (2018). Text Over Time: The Written Word in English Charms Before 1350. Incantatio, 7, 72-93.

Katherine Hindley.(2016). Sight, Foresight, and Understanding: Visual Imagery in the Old English Boethius and Soliloquies. The Five Senses in Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Language(21-35). Leiden: Brill.