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Prof Lim Teik Thye
Associate Dean, (Faculty Recruitment & Development), College of Engineering
Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Oh W.D.*, Lei J., Veksha A., Giannis A., Chan W.P., Lisak G., Lim T.T.*. (2018). Ni-Zn-based nanocomposite loaded on cordierite mullite ceramic for syngas desulfurization: Performance evaluation and regeneration studies. Chemical Engineering Journal, 351, 230-239.

Chen X., Oh W.D., Lim T.T.*. (2018). Graphene- and CNTs-based carbocatalysts in persulfates activation: material design and catalytic mechanisms. Chemical Engineering Journal, 354, 941-976.

Chanaka Udayanga W.D., Veksha A., Giannis A., Lisak G., Chang V.W.C., Lim T.T.*. (2018). Fate and distribution of heavy metals during thermal processing of sewage sludge. Fuel, 226, 721-744.

W.-D. Oh*, G. Lisak, R.D. Webster, Y.-N. Liang, A. Veksha, A. Giannis, J.G.S. Moo, J.-W. Lim, T.T. Lim*. (2018). Insights into the thermolytic transformation of lignocellulosic biomass waste to redox-active carbocatalyst: Durability of surface active sites. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 233, 120-129.

Chen X., Oh W.D., Hu Z.T., Sun Y.M., Webster R.D., Li S.Z., Lim T.T.*. (2018). Enhancing sulfacetamide degradation by peroxymonosulfate activation with N-doped graphene produced through delicately-controlled nitrogen functionalization via tweaking thermal annealing processes. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 225, 243–257.