Academic Profile

Research Interests
Literary and Cultural Theory
Theatre and Performance Studies
History of Singapore Theatre

Academic Qualifications
Ph.D., 1999 University of Cambridge, England
M.Phil., 1998 University of Cambridge, England
M.A., 1994 National University of Singapore
Dip.Ed., 1990 National University of Singapore
B.A., 1987 National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Dr Quah studied at National Taiwan University and received his PhD from the University of Cambridge. He joined the National Insittute of Education in 1999, specializing in Drama-in-Education for the teaching of Chinese. In 2003, he was transferred to the newly established School of Humanities & Social Sciences in NTU to help set up the Division of Chinese. He was Deputy Head, Chinese (2003-2007), Acting Head, Chinese (2007-2009), Head, Chinese (2012-2014).

Dr Quah is actively involved in the arts scene and civil society in Singapore. He is a founding member of The Tangent, a civil society group in Singapore and the founding editor of its journal. He serves on boards and committees in various Ministries and Statutory Boards, Non-Governmental Organisations, and Arts Institutions.

Dr Quah is the author of Gao Xingjian and Transcultural Chinese Theater, a critically acclaimed book on the first Nobel laureate writing mainly in the Chinese language. The book was originally published by Hawaii University Press (2004) and republished in Chinese translation (Hong Kong, 2016). His other publications include Scenes: A Hundred Years of Singapore Chinese Language Theatre 1913-2013, and Keywords: Critical Terms for Chinese Literary Study (co-authored). He is also the general editor of The Complete Works of Kuo Pao Kun (10 vols.).
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Assoc Prof Quah Sy Ren
Associate Professor, School of Humanities

Literary and Cultural Theory
Theatre and Performance Studies
History of Singapore Theatre
  • Quah Sy-ren, Hee Wai-siam. (Ed.). (2016). 《备忘录:新加坡华文小说读本》[Memorandum: A Reader of Singapore Chinese Short Stories](In Chinese)Singapore: Centre for Chinese Language and Culture, NTU.

  • Quah Sy Ren. (2015). Gao Xingjian and Transcultural Theatre 高行健與跨文化劇場. Great Mountain Cultural Press.

  • Quah Sy Ren. (2015). Imagining Malaya, Practising Multiculturalism: The Malayan Consciousness of Singapore Chinese Intellectuals in the 1950s. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 16(1), 96-112.

  • Quah Sy Ren.(2014). Multivocality as Critique of Reality: Fate and Freedom in Gao Xingjian’s The Man Who Questions Death. Polyphony Embodied: Freedom and Fate in Gao Xingjian’s Writings(171-184). Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter.

  • Quah Sy Ren. (2013). SCENES: A Hundred Years of Singapore Chinese Language Theatre, 1913-2013 戲聚百年:新加坡華文戲劇 1913-2013. Drama Box & National Musem of Singapore.