Academic Profile : No longer with NTU

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Assoc Prof Yip Sau Leung
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
Journal Articles
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staff as info will be
pulled from PRDS)
Yan F.L. and YIp P.S.L. (2019). Nonlinear Adjustment of Exchange Rate and Exchange Rate Policy: Lessons from Singapore. International Journal of Finance and Economics, .

Yip Paul S. L. (2019). From the Global Financial Tsunami to the Property Bubbles in Asia: Lessons for Macroeconomic Policy Management. World Scientific.

Yip Paul S. L. (2018). Some Important Characteristics of Asset Bubbles and Financial Crises. Modern Economy, .

Yip Paul S. L. (2016). China's Exchange Rate System Reform: Two Potential Mistakes and the Recommended Long-Term System. The Singapore Economic Review, 61(2), 51.

Yip Paul S. L. (2014). The Risk of Property Bubbles in Hong Kong and Singapore: Another Aftershock Crisis of the Global Financial Tsunami?. The Singapore Economic Review, 59(2).