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Caleb H. Tse is an Assistant Professor of Marketing and International Business at Nanyang Business School. Before joining NTU, he was an assistant professor in marketing at Sungkyunkwan Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB), in Seoul, S. Korea. He received his MBA and PhD from The University of Hong Kong. His main research areas include marketing strategy (customer co-creation and innovation), international business (counterfeiting, learning by exporting), and advertising (celebrity endorsement, cross-platform advertising). His research has been published in Journal of Marketing, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of World Business, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, and International Journal of Advertising. He serves as an editorial review board member of Journal of International Business Studies as well as International Journal of Advertising.

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Asst Prof Caleb Tse
Assistant Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Marketing

Marketing Strategy (firm co-creation and customer participation strategies, counterfeiting)
International Business (firm innovation, learning by exporting, SOE behavior)
Advertising and Branding (celebrity endorsement, advertising trends, cross-platform effects)
  • (1) What makes Headquarters of Multinational Corporations Good or Bad Parents to their Foreign Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets (2) What Role does Culture Play in Building Profitable International Sales Relationships?
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