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Asst Prof Ian McGonigle
Nanyang Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
Journal Articles
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McGonigle, I. [Director/Producer] (2023) Technologies of the Soul: Ancient Wisdom in the Smart Nation. [An ethnographic film on religion and technology in Singapore] (60 min).

Feldman, R. and I. McGonigle (Eds.) (2023) Settler-Indigeneity in the West Bank. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

McGonigle, I. (2022) ‘Again You Will Plant Vineyards’: Prophecy, Jewish Settlement and Temporal Dissonance in the Occupied West Bank. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 12(3): 856–871.

McGonigle, I. (2022) Review of ‘Buried in the Red Dirt: Race, Reproduction, and Death in Modern Palestine’ by Frances S. Hasso. American Journal of Sociology 128(4): 1268-1270.

Zhang Zhen, Wang Zi-yan, Ian McGonigle (2022) A niche approach on technological evolution in the age of cyborg, 赛博格时代技术进化机制的生态位进路, Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology, 科学技术哲学研究, Dec. 2022, Vol.39, No.6, 78-83.

Zhang Zhen, Wang Zi-yan, Ian McGonigle (2022) Synergistic development of human thought and technology, 人类思维与技术协同发展, Chinese Social Sciences Today, 中国社会科学报

McGonigle, I. (2022) Review of ‘Mobilizing Mutations: Human Genetics in the Age of Patient Advocacy’ by Daniel Navon. Journal of the History of Biology 10.1007/s10739-021-09659-0

R. Cheung, S. Jolly, M. Vimal, H. Kim, and I. McGonigle (2022) ‘Who’s Afraid of Genetic Tests?’: An Assessment of Singapore’s Public Attitudes and Changes in Attitudes After Taking a Genetic Test. BMC Medical Ethics 23:5

Vimal, M., W.P. Devi, and I. McGonigle (2021) GenomeAsia100K: Singapore Builds National Science with Asian DNA. East Asian Science, Technology and Society

Vimal, M., W.P. Devi, and I. McGonigle (2021) Generational Medicine in Singapore: A National Biobank for a Greying Nation. East Asian Science, Technology and Society

McGonigle, I. [Director/Producer] (2021) Redemption: Wine and Prophecy in the Land of Israel. [An ethnographic film on religious nationalism in Israel] (77 min).

McGonigle, I. (2021) Genomic Citizenship: The Molecularization of Identity in the Contemporary Middle East. Cambridge MA: MIT Press. ISBN: 9780262542944
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Jasanoff, S., McGonigle, I., and H. Stevens (2021) Science and Technology for Humanity: An STS view from Singapore. East Asian Science, Technology and Society 15(1): 68-78.

Pandian, S., S. Jolly, and I. McGonigle (2021) ‘Singapore Country Report,’ In S. Jasanoff et al. (Eds), 84-88. Comparative Covid Response: Crisis, Knowledge, Politics: Interim Report. New York: Schmidt Futures.

McGonigle, I (2020) Biobanking and “Qatarization”: Ethno-national Identity in the Molecular Realm,’ In Schwarz and Williams (Eds.), 156-170. Studies on the Social Construction of Identity and Authenticity. London: Routledge.

McGonigle, I. (2020) National Biobanking in Qatar and Israel: Tracing how Global Scientific Institutions Mediate Local Ethnic Identities. Science, Technology & Society 26(1): 146–165.

Chang, C. and I. McGonigle (2020) Kopi Culture: Consumption, Conservatism and Cosmopolitanism amongst Singapore’s Millennials. Asian Anthropology 19(3): 213-231.

McGonigle, I. (2019) Genomic Data and the Dividual Self. Genetics Research 101(e12).

McGonigle, I. (2019) In Vino Veritas? Indigenous Wine and Indigenization in Israeli Settlements. Anthropology Today 35(4): 7-12.

McGonigle, I., and S.C Schuster (2019) Global Science Meets Ethnic Diversity: Ian McGonigle interviews GenomeAsia100k Scientific Chairman Stephan Schuster. Genetics Research 101(e5).

McGonigle, I.V. (2017) Spirits and Molecules: Ethnopharmacology and Symmetrical Epistemological Pluralism. Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology 82(1): 139-164.

McGonigle, I.V. and R. Benjamin (2016) The Molecularization of Identity: Science and Subjectivity in the 21st Century. Genetics Research 98(e12).

McGonigle, I.V. (2016) Patenting Nature or Protecting Culture? Ethnopharmacology and Indigenous Intellectual Property Rights. The Journal of Law and the Biosciences 3(1): 217-226.

McGonigle, I.V. (2016) The Collective Nature of Personalized Medicine. Genetics Research 98(e3).

McGonigle, I.V. and N. Shomron (2016) Privacy, Anonymity, and Subjectivity, in Genomic Research. Genetics Research 98(e2).

McGonigle, I.V. (2015) ‘Jewish Genetics’ and the ‘Nature’ of Israeli Citizenship. Transversal: Journal for Jewish Studies 13(2): 90–102.

McGonigle, I.V. and L. Herman (2015) Genetic Citizenship: DNA Testing and the Israeli Law of Return. The Journal of Law and the Biosciences 2(2): 469-478.

McGonigle, I.V. (2013) Khat: Chewing on a Bitter Controversy. Anthropology Today 29(4): 4-7.