Academic Profile

Professor Hng is with the School of Materials Science and Engineering since 1999. She received her Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Master of Science degrees from National University of Singapore, and PhD degree from University of Cambridge, UK. Her research expertise lies in thermoelectric materials and devices, materials for energy storage and energetic materials, with a focus on employing process-microstructure-property relationships for design of materials for enhanced performance. She has published over 200 journal papers in top tier journals. She has also secured several external grants totalling more than $30 million, supported by Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education and A*STAR. Professor Hng has served in key appointments, such as Sub-Dean (Undergraduates), Assistant Chair (Undergraduates), Head of Division and Associate Chair (Academic), Director of FACTS, Senior Faculty-in-Residence, and recently, the Director of EnRI in NTU and Associate Chair (Faculty). She has served as the co-Chairperson for the A*STAR, SERC Technical Review Panel (TRP), Chemicals, Materials and Energy Cluster. She also serves as grant reviewer for both local and foreign funding agencies such as the USA National Science Foundation.
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Prof Hng Huey Hoon
Director, Emerging nanoscience Research Institute
Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Associate Chair (Faculty), School of Materials Science & Engineering

Prof Hng's main research interest is in the understanding of processing-microstructure-property relationships of nanomaterials. The research covers a wide range of experimental analytical techniques such as electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis. Such techniques enable the characterization of nanometre scale phases and provide an in-depth understanding of the materials' properties. Her current research works focus on the synthesis of materials using various processing techniques. The materials of interest are thermoelectric and energetic materials including polymers, metal alloys, intermetallics and functional ceramics.
  • Development of a semi-conductor bridge

  • Glenlivet

  • Provision Of Services To Manage The Build-Up Of Energetics Research Capabilities In The Energetics Research Institute At NTU

  • R&D Capability Build-up In Advanced Energetic Materials,Miniaturised Technologies And Advanced Techniques

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