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Prof Boh Wai Fong
Deputy Dean, College of Business (Nanyang Business School)
President's Chair in Information Systems
Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Information Technology & Operations Management
Co-Director for NTU Centre in Computational Technologies for Finance (CCTF), College of Engineering
Director, Information Management Research Centre (IMARC)
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Journal Articles
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J. Alberto Espinosa, Wai Fong Boh & Frank Armour. (2021) “Implicit Coordination and Enterprise Architecting Effectiveness” forthcoming at IEEE TEM

A. Burton-Jones, WF. Boh, E. Oborn, and B. Padmanabhan, 2021, Editor's Comments: Advancing Research Transparency at MIS Quarterly: A Pluralistic Approach, MIS Quarterly, 45 (2), pp. iii-xviii

Qingqing Bi, Wai Fong Boh, Georgios Christopulous, (2021) “Trust, fast and slow: A comparison study of the trust behaviors of entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs” Journal of Business Venture, 36 (6)

Y. Lin, and W.F. Boh, (2021) “Examining Crowdfunders and Their Choice of Projects,” Information & Management, 58 (7)

Y. Zheng and W.F. Boh, (2021), “Value Drivers of Blockchain Technology: A Case Study of Blockchain-Enabled Online Community”, Telematics and Informatics, 58

S.S. Wong, W.F. Boh and A. Wu, (2021) “When Three's (Good) Company: Third‐Party Friendships on Cooperation across Departments” Journal of Management Studies, 58 (2), 389-420

T. Ravindran and W.F. Boh. (2020). Lessons from COVID-19 – Towards a Pandemic Readiness Audit Checklist for SMEs. IEEE Engineering Management Review, .

W.F. Boh, G. Huang, and A. Wu. (2020). Ownership Structure and Innovation Performance: The Mediating Mechanism of External Cooperation. Strategic Management Journal, 41(1), 124-151.

Jianxiong Huang, Wai Fong Boh, Kim Huat Goh. (2019). Opinion Convergence vs Polarization: Examining Opinion Distributions in Online Word-of-Mouth. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 70(11), 1183-1193.

N. Gong, W.F. Boh, A. Wu and T. Guo. (2019). Leniency Biases in Subjective Performance Evaluation: The Influence of Uncertainty. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, .

Jianxiong Huang, Wai Fong Boh & Kim Huat Goh. (2017). A Temporal Study of the Effects of Online Opinions: Information Sources Matter. Journal of Management Information Systems, 34(4), 1169-1202.
Opinions & Commentaries
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Commentary: Will Bitcoin become a transaction currency? – Opinion, The Business Times, page 18, 8 Jul 2021

Commentary: Will Bitcoin become mainstream currency in Singapore one day? 3 Jul 2021

Realizing the full growth potential of SMEs in PH, 18 May 2018

How SMEs can be more nimble and innovative, 24 Feb 2017

Tackling the Growth-Efficiency Feud, Business Times, 29 Dec 2015
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