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Asst Prof Yan Jubo
Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
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Yu Qin, Jing Wu, Jubo Yan. (2019). Negotiating Housing Deal on a Polluted Day: Consequences and Possible Explanations. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 94, 161-187.

James Alm, William Schulze, Carrie von Bose, Jubo Yan. (2019). Appeals to Social Norms and Taxpayer Compliance. Southern Economic Journal, .

Ziqiang Han, Xiaoli Lu, Elisa I. Hoerhager, Jubo Yan. (2017). The effects of trust in government on earthquake survivors' risk perception and preparedness in China. Natural Hazards, 86(1), 437-452.

Homa Zarghamee, Kent Messer, Jacob Fooks, William Schulze, Shang Wu, Jubo Yan. (2017). Nudging Charitable Giving: Three Field Experiments. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 66(SI), 137-149.

Kevin Kniffin, Jubo Yan, William Schulze, Brian Wansink. (2017). The sound of cooperation: Musical influences on cooperative behavior. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 38(3), 372-390.