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Assoc Prof Tan Soon Keat
Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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DR TAN joined NTU (then NTI) in 1984. As one of the pioneer staff member, and was heavily involved in the design and development of laboratory and curriculum. All in all, DR TAN have developed four laboratories at the onset of NTU moving into the new campus in 1986, and curriculum of various subjects from hydraulics, mathematics to senior year subject of applied hydraulic, and later post-graduate and PhD level courses. Among the various achievements, DR TAN have established 3 research centres, currently leading 2 of them and contributed to the development of NTU and the School of CEE in the following:
• DR TAN was instrumental in the introduction of computer and software tools in the teaching curriculum, laboratory exercises and design classes
• DR TAN was one of the first in CEE in the development of computer-controlled laboratory experiments and digital devices in field monitoring.
• In 2014, DR TAN was appointed by Associate Provost to co-ordinate and took full responsibility for the development of the first university-wide online course for all first year students (expected 6000 number)
• Founding of the NTU-MPA Maritime Research Centre to bridge the academics and maritime clusters
• Establishment of the DHI-NTU Centre as one of the pioneer research centres in Nanynag Environment and Water Research Institute (NEWRI)
• Appointed as Deputy Executive Director of Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute from 2012-2016
• Management of the business development unit of NEWRI to enhance industrial outreach and commercialization of research output.
• Establish and champion process modelling for wastewater treatment application
• Establish the wetland research activities including the frontier work on removal of pharmaceuticals and trace contaminants in treated used water.
• Spearhead NTU – Hyundai collaboration and act as co-director, NTU-Hyundai Urban System Centre; Project sum $6M over 5 projects (2 ~ 3 years)

Dr Tan's current works focuses on multi-disciplinary studies, and play the role of one that provides leadership and mentorship. He has the core strength in simulation and analysis, and applies the techniques to broader environmental issues, process modelling, wetland applications. strategic analysis and future scenarios simulations.
Dr Tan's research interests include application of geographical information system (GIS) in water resources, numerical simulation of flow for hydraulics and coastal engineering applications. His current research projects include hydrodynamic consideration of mega underwater structures and application of wetland technologies in the removal of pharmaceutical products from wastewater streams.

Dr Tan specilaises in urban water management, rainfall-runoff modeling as well as water quality modeling, flooding, drainage, urban response, climate change and future scenarios analysis. Managing surface water in terms of quantitative distribution, storage and transport, removal of water-borne contaminant, particularly trace quantity of drugs and pharmaceutical products from waste-water streams are challenges in the management of water resources, and in particular, supply of raw water in the face of climate change and rapid urbanisation. A viable and feasible solution is to employ wetland technology as a means to remove contaminants and management of peak runoff. Under the supervision of Dr Tan, a research team is carrying out a series of constructed wetlands experiments with raw water spiked with selected contaminants. The research work has produced meaningful results and highly cited publications since its inception in 2009.

Currently Dr Tan is leading research work on strategic development of coastal, urban scape and water resources, in response to climate change as well as developmental scenarios.