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Dr Basman Elhadidi
Senior Lecturer, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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Received BSc degree in 1995, and MSc degree in 1998 from Aeronautical Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt. Received second MSc in 2000 and PhD in 2002 from the University of Notre Dame.

Research area during MSc was in the development of a CFD models for complex simulation of indoor air flows. Research area during PHD was in the development of non-reflecting boundary conditions and the computation of sound scattering generated by rotor stator interaction noise of large bypass turbofan engines. Others areas of research during PhD included the hydrodynamic instability of swirling flows, passive acoustic flow control, assessment of liners in grazing flows and assessment of intake splices.

During post-doctoral training I participated in projects related to indoor air modeling using Lattice Boltzmann Modeling, particle resuspension modeling for dust caused by human activity. Led research team in the area of mesoscale modeling by incorporating satellite data for weather forecasting using CFD at the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Science (NARSS) in Egypt. Mesoscale models were extended to examine the wind energy potentials in various on-shore and off-shore sites in Egypt and the development of suitable scale wind turbines and wind farms.

Current interests are in the area of (1) flow control, (2) unmanned aerial vehicle design, (3) remotely operated vehicles and (4) development of high accuracy domain decomposition techniques for CFD. Active circulation control to delay separation on airfoils has been tested and extension to distributed propulsion systems for unmanned aerial vehicles is ongoing. Work in the area of design, system identification and control of VTOL UAVs, ROVs and AUVs is ongoing.
Active Aerodynamic Flow Control
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Remotely Operated Vehicles
Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Development of an Electric Propulsion Unit with a Hybrid Engine System and Rim-Driven Fan System for an Aerial Flight System
  • Investigating Galilean Invariance Assumptions Applied to CFD
  • Underwater Object Tracking In Challenging Environments