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Asst Prof Ting Chun Chun
Assistant Chair (Research), School of Humanities, School of Humanities
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities
Chun Chun TING is assistant professor in the Chinese Division in the school of Humanities at Nanyang Technological University. She is currently working on a manuscript on artistic activism in post-Handover Hong Kong. Focusing on how urban space and various efforts at place-making are contested politically and represented culturally in contemporary Hong Kong, her project aims to examine the urban condition that nurtures identity and citizenship, and explore the changing contour of the Hong Kong people’s political subjectivities.

Ting's research area includes Chinese cinemas and documentaries, Chinese and Sinophone literature, activist media, urban culture, social movements, and ecocriticism. She is currently writing on documentaries from Hong Kong and Taiwan, the literary works of Ng Kim Chew, and developing a project on how the shifting concerns with place in Chinese literature and cinemas intersect with the politics of nativism, heritage, and sustainability.

In the Chinese Division, Ting teaches the following courses:

HC2015 Coming of Age in Modern China 青春书写与现代中国
HC2017 Writings on Place: Nativism, Ecology, Politics 地文誌: 从乡土文学到生态批评
HC4014 Art and Revolution in Modern China “革命”与文艺
HC4020 Literary Criticism and Critical Theory 文学批评与理论
HC8002 Introduction to Chinese Cinemas 华语电影
HC2916 Chinese Cinemas: Methods and Issues 华语电影:方法与议题

Ting completed her Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago in 2015. She also holds a D.E.A. from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, a M.Phil form Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, and a B.Sc from Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Social and artistic activism
Chinese Literature and Cinema
Asian Urbanisms
Literary and Cultural Theory
Sinophone Literature
Chinese Ecocriticism
  • Contestations Over Urban Space In Contemporary Asian Cities:The Practice Of Politics And Art