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Prof Chiew Yee Meng
Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Journal Articles
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Wei, M. X., Chiew, Y. M., and Guan, D.W. (2018). Flow behavior of Propeller Jet around an Open-Type Quay. Journal of Coastal Research, (85).

Maoxing Wei, Yee-Meng Chiew. (2018). Characteristics of Propeller Jet Flow within Developing Scour Holes around an Open Quay. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, .

Maoxing Wei, Yee-Meng Chiew, Shih-Chun Hsieh. (2017). Plane boundary effects on characteristics of propeller jets. Experiments in Fluids, 58(141).

Maoxing Wei, Yee-Meng Chiew. (2017). Influence of Toe Clearance on Propeller Scour around an Open-Type Quay. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 143(7).

2. Chiew, Y. M., Hsieh, S.-C., and Low, Y. M. (2016). Characteristics of scour and flow field beneath a forced vibrating circular cylinder. the 8th International Conference on Scour and Erosion (ICSE).