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Mr Ang Hock Eng
Senior Lecturer, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Journal Articles
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Yisi Liu, Zirui Lan, Jian Cui, Gopala Krishnan,. (2019). Psychophysiological Evaluation of Seafarers to Improve Training in Maritime Virtual Simulator. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 99(99), 1-14.

Yisi Liu, Zirui Lan, Olga Sourina, Hui Ping Liew, Gopala Krishnan, Dimitrios Konovessis, Hock Eng Ang. (2018). Proc. of 2018 International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW): EEG-based Cadets Training and Performance Assessment System in Maritime Virtual Simulator. 2018 International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW) (pp. 214-220)IEEE.

W. L. Lim, Y. Liu, S. H. Subramaniam, H. P. Liew, G. Krishnan, O. Sourina, D. Konovessis, H. E. Ang, L. P. Wang. (2018). EEG-based Mental Workload and Stress Monitoring of Crew Members in Maritime Virtual Simulator. Transactions on Computational Science, 10830, pp. 15-28.

Y. Liu, O. Sourina, S.C. Harihara Subramaniam, D. Konovessis, Gopala Krishnan, H.E. Ang. (2017). Human Factors Evaluation in Maritime Virtual Simulators using Mobile EEG-based Neuroimaging. 2017 ISPE International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering.

Ang H.E., Tan Choon Lai, Torrance JE. (1996). Boundary Element Analysis of Orthotropic delamination Specimen with Interface Cracks. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 54(5), 601-615.