Academic Profile : No longer with NTU

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Assoc Prof Lau Kim Teen
Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Journal Articles
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staff as info will be
pulled from PRDS)
Irina Alam and KT Lau. (2017). Approximate Adder for Low Power Computations. International Journal of Electronics Letters, 5(2), 158-165.

Yang Shaochen, Lau KT and Zhang Yufei. (2016). Design of Low Power CMOS Parallel Prefix Adder Cell. Journal of Electrical Engineering and Electronic Technology, 5(1).

Ramakrishnan S and Lau K T. (2008). Improved Dynamic Current Mode Logic for Low Power Applications. Journal of Circuits Systems and Computers, 17(2), 183-190.

Ng K W and Lau K T. (2000). A Novel Adiabatic Register File Design. Journal of Circuits Systems and Computers, 10(1-2), 67-76.

Liu F and Lau K T. (1998). Pass-Transistor Adiabatic Logic with NMOS Pull-down Configuration. Electronics Letters, 34(8), 739-741.