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Assoc Prof Goh-Low Soen Yin
Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Business Law
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Erin Goh is an Associate Professor at the Nanyang Business School and an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore. Under the sponsorship of a National University of Singapore postgraduate scholarship, she obtained her Master of Laws at King’s College, University of London. At the Nanyang Business School, Erin Goh has taught courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including business law, insurance law, and consumer and marketing law. She has published in the Journal of World Trade (Switzerland), the Journal of International Banking Law (United Kingdom), Insurance Law Journal (Australia), Asia Business Law Review (Singapore) and Singapore Academy of Law Journal. She has also co-authored several books, including Marketing and Consumer Law in Singapore (1999); and Law for Business Series: Insurance Law (Butterworths, 2001). Her current research and publication addresses the legal and policy issues relating to consumer protection and product liability.
Erin Goh's areas of expertise are in consumer and marketing law and product liability. Her current research work focuses on default rules for online consumer transactions and consumer protection issues.
Courses Taught
AB1301 - Business Law
BL5301 - Law of Commercial Transactions
BL9301 - Law of Commercial Transactions