Academic Profile

Poernomo Gunawan obtained PhD degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2009. Thereafter he was working as a Scientist in the Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences (ICES) A*STAR, developing nanomaterials for heterogeneous catalysis, such as metal oxides, supported noble metals, and mesoporous materials for petrochemical production and biomass conversion to chemical.
In April 2017, he returned to NTU to teach chemical engineering subjects, such as Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, and Final Year Design Project.
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Dr Poernomo Gunawan
Lecturer, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

1) Nanomaterials fabrication and functionalization;
2) Heterogeneous catalysis and reaction engineering;
3) Renewable chemical feedstocks and energy;
4) Chemical engineering education.
  • Creating authentic learning experiences in a student-led maker community
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  • Perkas, N., Gunawan, P., Amirian, G., Wang, Z., Zhong, Z.Y., Gedanken, A. (2015, June). The Application of Sonochemical Procedure for The Synthesis of ZnO-CuO Supported on TiO2 as Effective Water Gas Shift Catalyst. Paper presented at 24th North American Catalysis Meeting, Pittsburgh, USA.

  • Poernomo Gunawan, Rong Xu, Ziyi Zhong.(2015). Heterogeneous Gold Catalysts for Selective Oxidation Reactions. Heterogeneous Gold Catalysts and Catalysis(288 - 400)..

  • Perkas, N; Gunawan, P; Amirian, G; Wang, Z; Zhong, ZY; Gedanken, A. (2014). The sonochemical approach improves the CuO-ZnO/TiO2 catalyst for WGS reaction. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16(16), 7521.

  • Gunawan, P., Mei, L., Teo, J., Ma, J.M., Highfield, J., Li, Q.H., Zhong, Z.Y. (2013, September). Catalytic Reaction of Acetone Molecules on Au/Fe2O3 surface: A Mechanistic Study Using in-situ FTIR. Paper presented at 11th European Congress & Catalysis, Lyon, France.