Academic Profile

Dr Long Yi graduated with PhD in materials Science from Cambridge University under full sponsorship of Overseas research scholarship (ORS), United Kingdom Cambridge trust, Graduate scholarship of Selwyn college.
Her early career started with successful Lab-to-Fab technology transfer for local industries including Seagate Technology, the leading hard-disk company in the world. She has won 2016 TechConnect Innovation Award in Washington. Her publication record includes research articles, invited review papers and covered report articles in Science, Joule, Chemical Society Review, Advanced Energy Materials, Nano Energy, Advanced Functional Materials, ACS Nano, Etc.
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Dr Long Yi
Senior Lecturer, School of Materials Science & Engineering

Dr Long Yi has a general interest in understanding the microstructure and property relationship and how these relate to the underlying mechanism aided by simulations. Her recent work is related with functional smart materials and devices in energy saving and flexible electronic devices. She is also working closely with industry partner to develop new technology.
  • Kirigami-inspired metamaterials with plasmonic thermochromic vanadium dioxide

  • Solution process to in-plane align monolayer silver nanowires for low emission windows
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