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Prof Pan Tso-Chien
Emeritus Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Journal Articles
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Tso-Chien Pan, Avik Samanta, Kusnowidjaja Megawati, , Liping HuangHaitao Zheng and Qiwei Zhang. (2013). Seismic performances of non-seismically designed buildings in Singapore. Journal of Earthquake Engineering, , manuscript under preparation.

Li, B., Pan, T.C. and Nair. (2013). A case study of the local and global structural responses of a tall building in Singapore subjected to close-in detonations. The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings, 20(2), 223-246.

Pan T-C, Megawati K, Goh KS. (2011). Response of high-rise buildings in Singapore due to a potential giant earthquake in the Sumatran megathrust. Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 15(S1), 90–106.

Megawati K, Pan T-C. (2010). Ground-motion attenuation relationship for Sumatran megathrust earthquakes. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 39(8), 827-845.

Pan, T.-C, Li, B., Lu, Y., and Lim, C. L. (2009). Response of Buildings to External and Internal Blast Loadings. Home Team Journal, Singapore, (1), 67-80.