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Assoc Prof Chung Lai Hong
Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Accounting
Assistant Dean (Alumni Relations), College of Business (NBS)
Journal Articles
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Highly Cited:
Chung, L. H., & Gibbons, P. T. (1997). Corporate entrepreneurship: The roles of ideology and social capital. Group & Organization Management, 22(1), 10-30.

Chung Lai Hong and Lee Parker. (2010). Managing Social and Environmental Action and Accountability in the Hospitality Industry: A Singapore Perspective. Accounting Forum, 34(1), 46-53.

Chung, L. H., & Parker, L. D. (2008). Integrating hotel environmental strategies with management control: A structuration approach. Business Strategy and the Environment, 17(4), 272-286.

Hong Chung, L., Gibbons, P. T., & Schoch, H. P. (2006). The management of information and managers in subsidiaries of multinational corporations. British Journal of Management, 17(2), 153-165.

Parker, L.D. and Chung, L.H. (2018). Structuring social and environmental management control and accountability: behind the hotel doors. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 31(3), 993-1023.

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Conference Papers
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Chung Lai Hong and Lee Parker. (2011). Developing Environmental Strategies and Controls: From Global Foundations to Local Initiatives. 6th Conference on Performance Measurement and Management Control.

Teoh, W. K., L. H. Chung, T. B.-P. Ng. (2008). Effects of performance measure categorization, performance context and intervention on performance evaluation judgments. American Accounting Association Annual Meeting.
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