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Assoc Prof Ho Moon-Ho Ringo
Associate Chair (Faculty), School of Social Sciences
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
Deputy Director, Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education (ARISE)
Research Director, Humanities, Social Sciences & Research Communication, Nanyang Technological University
Assoc Prof Ho Moon-ho is a faculty member in School of Social Sciences in NTU. He received his Bachelor degree in Psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Master in Applied Statistics and Ph.D. in Quantitative Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He worked at McGill University (Canada) as Assistant Professor before he joined NTU. He is currently the Associate Chair (Faculty) in School of Social Sciences, and Deputy Director of the Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education (ARISE). He is a recipient of Nanyang Education Award and has been awarded the 2021 National Day Public administration medal (Bronze).
Assoc Prof Ho's research covers a wide range of theoretical and applied topics in psychology and related areas. His research concerns with the development and application of quantitative methods, in particular, multilevel modeling, resampling methods, structural equation modeling (SEM), and time-series analysis in the behavioral and social sciences. He has published over 70 papers in psychology and statistics journals so far. His current project examines diagnostics of multilevel SEM, measuring employability and lifelong learning, and topics on gerontechnology for successful ageing.
  • A Psychological Perspective on Attaining Futureproofing Effectiveness
  • Environments and Health: Access Outdoor Behaviours using the Mobile EEG in Current and Future Seniors
  • Improving Intergenerational Communication and Bonding through Applying Video-mediated Communication and Simultaneous Gameplay
  • Investigating Skill-based Job Mobility Within and Across Retail, Food Services, Precise Engineering, Air transportation and Healthcare Sectors in Singapore
  • The impact of internship participation on future earnings and other employment outcomes
  • Understanding and Nudging Polytechnic students’ Education and Career decision-making and their Work- related Learning Mindsets for School-to-Work Transition toward Sustainable Employability and Lifelong Learning
  • Understanding the experience of low-wage workers: Challenges in lifelong learning participation
  • Understanding work attitudes, work-related learning mindsets and education-to-work behaviours in a polytechnic setting: Piloting measures for subsequent behavioural insights intervention study
a. Nanyang Education Award
b. National Day Public administration medal (Bronze)
Courses Taught
HP 2100, HP 3101, HP 3804, HP 4012, HP 7301