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Dr Chan Chee Keong
Senior Lecturer, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Journal Articles
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F.S. Tsai, M. Singh, S. Hariharan, C.K. Chan, P.R. Kolatkar, K.L. Chan. (2005). Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference: An Integrative Approach for Determining and Visualizing Protein Interactions.

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Y.S.Ong, H.B.Gooi *, C.K.Chan*. (2000). Algorithms for Automatic Generation of One-Line Diagrams. IEE Proceedings-Generation Transmission and Distribution, 147(5), 292-298.

D T W Chan, C K Chan, C Z Lu. (1998). Neural Network Based Fault Identification for Distribution Power Systems using overcurrent relays as main protection. IES Journal, 38(6), 48-53.

Chan Chee Keong, Chen Yifang. (1997). Implementation of a Deductive Database System Using SQLBase. ACI Materials Journal, 20(6), 317-323.