Academic Profile

Dr Kaiwen Leong is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at Nanyang Technological University.
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Asst Prof Leong Kaiwen
Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences

Under review

Leong, K., Li H., Xu Haibo. "Economics of Criminal Organizations: Evidence from a Drug-Selling Gang in Singapore."

Chiba, S, Leong, K. “Cheap Talk with Outside Options.”

Working Papers

Leong, K., Li H., Xu Haibo. "Policing Loan Sharks: Evidence from the Singapore Unlicensed Money Lending Markets."

Leong, K., Xu, Haibo. “Cheap Talk with Outside Options: An experimental Analysis.”

Leong, K., Xu Haibo. “Coase Theorem’s Breakdown: An Experimental Analysis.”

Leong, K., Li, H. “Economics of Rumors: A Field experiment on Collective Delusions in Organizations.”
  • Do Inmates exhibit Loss Aversion? Evidence from Singapore's Reformative Training Center

  • Fund for revise and resubmit at the review of economics and statistics

  • Revision for the Journal of European Economic Association
  • Chiba, S. and Leong K. (2016). Behavioral Economics of Crime Rates and Punishment Levels. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 172(4), 727-754.

  • Li, H., Lang, K., Leong, K. (2016). Does Competition Eliminate Discrimination? Evidence from the Commercial Sex Market in Singapore. The Economic Journal, Forthcoming,

  • Chiba, S. and Leong K. (2015). An example of conflicts of interest as pandering disincentives. Economics Letters, 131, 20-23.

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  • Fried, I. and Leong K. (2005). Superaccurate finite element eigenvalues via a Rayleigh quotient correction. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 288(1-2), 375-386.