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Prof Ling San
Deputy President and Provost
Professor of Mathematical Sciences
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B. Libert, S. Ling, K. Nguye & H. Wang. (2018). Lattice-based zero knowledge arguments for integer relations, In: Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 10992, 700-732.

S. Ling, D.H. Phan, D.Stehlé & R. Steinfeld. (2017). Hardness of k-LWE and applications in traitor tracing. Algorithmica, 79(4), 1318-1352.

Bocong Chen, San Ling, Guanghui Zhang. (2015). Application of Constacyclic Codes to Quantum MDS Codes. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 61, no. 3, 1474 – 1484 (2015).

A. Moradi, A. Poschmann, S. Ling, C. Paar & H. Wang. (2011). Pushing the limits: A very compact and a threshold implementation of AES, In: Advances in Cryptology - Eurocrypt 2011, K.G. Patterson ed.,. Lecture Notes of Computer Science, 6632, 69-88.

S. Ling & P. Solé. (2001). On the algebraic structure of quasi-cyclic codes I: finite fields. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 47, 2751-2760.