Academic Profile

Prof Shen is with the School of Physical and Mathematical Sceinces since the School started in 2005. He is currently the Asscoiate Chair for Academic and Graduate Studies. He received his Bachelor degree in Physics from Jilin University, and Ph.D. degrees from the King's College, University of London respectively. He has published over 200 research papers in international journals.
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Prof Shen Zexiang
Associate Dean (Interdisciplinary Programme) Graduate College
Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Physics & Applied Physics

Raman spectroscopy and microscopy
Graphene and graphene composite materials for electric energy storage - Li & Na ion batteries, supercapacitors
flexible battery for bendable electronics

Nano Science and Nano Technology
Optical and electronic properties of 2D materials
Optical study of perovskite materials
Ultra low wavenember Raman spectroscopy
High pressure study
Theoretical simulation of graphene, 2D materials, and perovskites

Industrial collaborators:

Johnson Matthey, UK
Elbit Systems, Israel
Thales, France
Akzo Nobel, Netherlands
Wintech Nano
  • Effects of Dimensionality and Organic Cations on Optoelectronic Properties in Hybrid Low-Dimensional Perovskites

  • Near-field scanning raman microscopy and development of femto-second laser with stabilized broadband frequency comb

  • Quantum And Topological Nanophotonics

  • Self-supporting carbon-based transition metal nitrides/phosphide for Zn-air batteries, from interface regulation, heterometal doping and energy storage mechanism

  • Wide temperature-range supercapacitors, from electrode materials design to energy storage mechanism.
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