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Prof Leung Pak Hing
Professor, School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
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Highly Cited:
Huang, Y., Li, Y., Leung, P. H., & Hayashi, T. (2014). Asymmetric synthesis of P-stereogenic diarylphosphinites by palladium-catalyzed enantioselective addition of diarylphosphines to benzoquinones. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136(13), 4865-4868.

Huang, Y., Pullarkat, S. A., Li, Y., & Leung, P. H. (2010). Palladium (II)-catalyzed asymmetric hydrophosphination of enones: efficient access to chiral tertiary phosphines. Chemical Communications, 46(37), 6950-6952.

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Chan, S. C., Koh, L. L., Leung, P. H., Ranford, J. D., & Sim, K. Y. (1995). Copper (II) complexes of the antitumour-related ligand salicylaldehyde acetylhydrazone (H2L) and the single-crystal X-ray structures of [{Cu (HL) H2O} 2]· 2 (NO3) and [{Cu (HL)(pyridine)(NO3)} 2]. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 236(1-2), 101-108.

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Aw, B. H., Selvaratnam, S., Leung, P. H., Rees, N. H., & McFarlane, W. (1996). NMR assignment of absolute configuration of a P-chiral diphosphine and mechanics of its stereoselective formation. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 7(6), 1753-1762.

Chooi, S. Y., Tan, M. K., Leung, P. H., & Mok, K. F. (1994). Stereochemical investigation of bis (bidentate)-palladium (II) complexes. Transmission of ring chiralities between chelating amine ligands via their prochiral N-methyl substituents. Inorganic Chemistry, 33(14), 3096-3103.

Leung, P. H., Willis, A. C., & Wild, S. B. (1992). Resolutions involving metal complexation. Optical resolution and photochemical rearrangement of (.+-.)-(2-mercaptoethyl) methylphenylphosphine. Inorganic Chemistry, 31(8), 1406-1410.

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Recent Publication:
Seah, J. W. K., Teo, R. H. X., & Leung, P. H. (2021). Organometallic chemistry and application of palladacycles in asymmetric hydrophosphination reactions. Dalton Transactions, 50(46), 16909-16915.

Zagidullin, A., Grigoreva, E., Burganov, T., Katsyuba, S., Li, Y., Leung, P. H., & Miluykov, V. (2021). A rational synthetic approach to 2, 3, 4, 5-tetraphenyl-1-monophosphole and its derivatives. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 134, 108949.

Seah, J. W. K., Lee, J. X. T., Li, Y., Pullarkat, S. A., Tan, N. S., & Leung, P. H. (2021). Chelating Phosphine–N-Heterocyclic Carbene Platinum Complexes via Catalytic Asymmetric Hydrophosphination and Their Cytotoxicity Toward MKN74 and MCF7 Cancer Cell Lines. Inorganic Chemistry, 60(22), 17276-17287.

Teo, R. H. X., Lee, J. X. T., Tan, W. R., Shum, W. Q., Li, Y., Pullarkat, S. A., ... & Leung, P. H. (2021). Catalytic Asymmetric Hydrophosphination as a Valuable Tool to Access Dihydrophosphinated Curcumin and Its Derivatives. Organometallics, 40(20), 3454-3461.

Seah, J. W. K., Li, Y., Pullarkat, S. A., & Leung, P. H. (2021). Access to a Chiral Phosphine–NHC Palladium (II) Complex via the Asymmetric Hydrophosphination of Achiral Vinyl Azoles. Organometallics, 40(13), 2118-2122.

Krishnan, Deepa; Pullarkat, Sumod A.; Wu, Meiyi; Li, Yongxin; Leung, Pak-Hing. (2013). Synthesis, Structural Characterisation and Stereochemical Investigation of Chiral Sulfur-Functionalised N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes of Palladium and Platinum. Chemistry - A European Journal, 19(17), 5468-5475.

Krishnan, Deepa; Wu, Meiyi; Chiang, Minyi; Li, Yongxin; Leung, Pak-Hing; Pullarkat, Sumod A. (2013). N-Heterocyclic Carbene C,S Palladium(II) π-Allyl Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Application In Allylic Amination Reactions. Organometallics, 32(8), 2389-2397.

Pullarkat, Sumod A.; Leung, Pak-Hing. (2013). Chiral metal complex-promoted asymmetric hydrophosphinations. Organometallics, 43, 145-166.

Chew, Renta Jonathan; Huang, Yinhua; Li, Yongxin; Pullarkat, Sumod A.; Leung, Pak-Hing. (2013). Enantioselective Addition of Diphenylphosphine to 3-Methyl-4-nitro-5-alkenylisoxazoles. Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 355(7), 1403-1408.

Tan. KW, Yang. XY,Li. YX,Huang. YH,Pullarkat. SA and Leung. PH. (2012). Reactivity of Cycloplatinated Amine Complexes: Intramolecular C-C Bond Formation, C-H Activation, and PPh2 Migration in Coordinated Alkynylphosphines. Organometallics, 31(23), 8407-8413.
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