Academic Profile

Asst. Prof. Kedar Hippalgaonkar is a joint appointee with the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and as a Senior Scientist at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) at the Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR). He is leading the Accelerated Materials Development for Manufacturing (AMDM) program from 2018-2023 focusing on the development of new materials, processes and optimization using Machine Learning, AI and high-throughput computations and experiments in electronic and plasmonic materials and polymers. He is also leading the Pharos Program on Hybrid (inorganic-organic) thermoelectrics for ambient applications from 2016-2020.

He has published over 50 research papers, and was nominated as a Journal of Materials Chemistry Emerging Investigator in 2019. He was recognized as a Science and Technology for Society Young Leader in Kyoto in 2015. For his outstanding graduate research, he was awarded the Materials Research Society Silver Medal in 2014. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Distinction) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University in 2003 and obtained his Doctor of Philosophy from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley in 2014. While pursuing his doctoral studies, he conducted research on fundamentals of heat, charge and light in solid state materials.
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Asst Prof Kedar Hippalgaonkar
Nanyang Assistant Professor (NRF), School of Materials Science & Engineering
Assistant Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering

Asst. Prof. Hippalgaonkar’s interests are in designing functional materials, especially for energy applications. He has fundamental knowledge in solid state physics, 1D (nanowires), 2D (TMDCs) as well as inorganic-organic (hybrid) materials. His approach to materials by design is built on creating and utilizing materials data by high-performance computing and high-throughput experiments to synthesize and characterize materials for optical and electronic properties. Specifically, he is leading projects on the application of high-throughput experimentation, optimization and machine learning on industry and academic projects on batteries, thermoelectrics and catalysis. In addition, he is interested in the use of material descriptors, machine learning and data science for materials discovery. His background is in transport properties of materials specifically in understanding their thermal, optical and thermoelectric properties. He is keen on developing tools such as process optimization, design of experiments and materials and process fingerprinting from materials development to device applications.
  • Core of Accelerated Materials Development

  • Ferroelectric Aluminum Scandium Nitride (Al1-xScxN) Thin Films and Devices for mm-Wave and Edge Computing

  • Materials by Design

  • Rational design of halide perovskite-based quantum dots for photonic applications (DesperQD)

  • Theory guided Accelerated Discovery of printable P-type transparent conductors

  • Thermoelectric Materials by Design: Understanding and Extrapolating from Non-Equilibrium Charge and Heat Transport
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