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Dr Angela Frattarola
Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities
Dr. Angela Frattarola received her PhD in literature from New York University in 2004. Her book, Modernist Soundscapes: Auditory Technology and the Novel (University Press of Florida, 2018) explores how early auditory technologies such as the phonograph, headphones, talkie, and tape recorder, subtly changed the public's sense of auditory perception, and how those changes are reflected in and shaped the modernist novel. Aside from her publications in modernism and sound studies, which can be found in journals such as Woolf Studies Annual, Mosaic, Modern Drama, Journal of Modern Literature, Studies in the Novel, and Genre, Dr. Frattarola also has extensive experience teaching writing intensive classes, and studies the pedagogy behind best teaching practices for helping students become more effective readers and writers.
Modernism, Auditory Technology, Twentieth-Century Literature, Sound Studies, Writing Studies and Pedagogy
  • Transformative mobile learning in a first-year interdisciplinary writing class