Academic Profile

Melvin holds a BA in Literature from the National University of Singapore, an MPhil in Ibsen Studies from the Centre for Ibsen Studies at the University of Oslo, and a PhD in Philosophy from Cardiff University. Having originally been offered an overseas scholarship to read Law at Somerville College, Oxford, he decided to take the road less travelled and reject the conventional route in favour of his intellectual interests. That, he would like to believe, has made all the difference. He is now a Faculty Member at the University Scholars Programme at Nanyang Technological University and hopes to inspire like-minded students to pursue their dreams with courage and fearlessness.

Melvin's work has been accepted for publication in philosophy journals (Philosophy & Technology, Philosophical Psychology, Hypatia, The Southern Journal of Philosophy, Philosophy & Literature, Philosophical Forum), interdisciplinary journals (AI & Society), literary journals (Nordlit, Antae), and poetry journals (Tipton Poetry Journal, Eunoia Review, LONTAR). His art has graced the pages of Heartbeat: A Literary Journal.

Melvin is currently serving as the PI of a project entitled 'A Tale of Two Deficits: Causality & Care in Medical AI'. This project, generously funded by the NTU Accelerating Creativity & Excellence Grant Scheme (c. SGD 200,000), is an interdisciplinary research collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Chew Lock Yue (School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences). Both Lock Yue and Melvin are currently working on the design of a causal inference algorithm in a medical context.

Research Clusters:
Medical Humanities (NTU), Digital Humanities (NTU), Live with AI (NTU & Industry)

CY0002/SP0002 Ethics
SP0047 Key Problems & Puzzles in Contemporary Aesthetics
CY0001 Writing & Reasoning
SP0068 Artificial Intelligence: History, Philosophy, & Prospects
AG6312 Medical Humanities & Ageing - 1-week seminar on the Ethics of Care & Artificial Intelligence
SP0067 Creativity, Cognition, & the Imagination (forthcoming)
AI6XXX Introduction to AI & AI Ethics - 2-week seminar on the Philosophical Foundations for AI Ethics (forthcoming)

BA in Literature in English (National University of Singapore)
MPhil in Ibsen Studies (Centre for Ibsen Studies, University of Oslo)
PhD in Philosophy (Cardiff University)
Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
Causal Epistemology
Philosophy of the Imagination
Creative Cognition Research
Metaethics & Normative Ethics
Philosophy & Literature
  • A Tale of Two Deficits: Causality & Care in Medical AI
  • Melvin Chen & Lock Yue Chew. (2020). Causal Reasoning & Meno's Paradox (PHILOSOPHY; forthcoming) - Full-text version available at: AI & Society, .

  • Chen, Melvin. (2020). A Tale of Two Deficits: Causality & Care in Medical AI (PHILOSOPHY) - Full-text version available at: Philosophy & Technology, 33(2), 245–267.

  • Chen, Melvin. (2020). Imagination Machines, Dartmouth-based Turing Tests, & A Potted History of Responses (PHILOSOPHY) - Full-text version available at: AI & Society, 35(1), 283-7.

  • Chen, Melvin & Chew Lock Yue. (2019). Putting the “Care” back into “Healthcare”, in Live with AI 2019 White Paper, pp. 93-4Live with AI.

  • Chen, Melvin & Chew Lock Yue. (2019, July). Intelligence & the Elements of Causal Reasoning. Paper presented at AI & Society CRASSH Conference, University of Cambridge.