Academic Profile : No longer with NTU

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Dr Anna Lagerstroem
Lecturer, Asian School of the Environment
Dr. Anna Lagerstroem holds a PhD in Environmental Science from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and a Master of Science with a Major in Biology from Umeå University, Sweden.

Dr Lagerstroem’s main research focus has been factors governing availability of nitrogen and phosphorus through different stages of forest succession, with focus on declining nutrient availability in very late successional stages and how it is linked to plant traits, plant diversity, biological nitrogen fixation and soil properties. The link between plant traits between soil properties is a continuous theme of her research, as is environmental change effects on ecosystem properties.

In addition to research, Dr Lagerstroem has used her scientific insight to popularise and communicate environmental science research to the public and translate scientific texts (Swedish<->English). She did this first at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and has continued to do outreach and communication, mainly through the ASE webpage and Twitter account, since she joined NTU as a lecturer in 2017.

Teaching is has become an increasingly central part of Dr Lagerstroem’s work, starting with field courses in botany and basic ecological theory at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, to Upper Secondary Biology in Sweden and at NTU she is course coordinator and main teacher for ES3301 Plant and Animal Physiology and ES3306 Global Change Ecology. She is also contact person for Science Mentorship Programme at ASE.
Forest ecology
Ecological succession and nutrient dynamics
Plant functional traits
  • Students as partners in research design and rubric creation to promote student engagement and learning