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Dr Anna Lagerstroem
Lecturer, Asian School of the Environment
Journal Articles
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Lagerström, A., Nilsson, M.-C., Wardle, D.A. (2013) Decoupled responses of tree and shrub leaf and litter trait values to ecosystem retrogression across an island area gradient. Plant and Soil, 367: 183–197.

Lagerström, A., Esberg, C., Wardle, D.A., Giesler, R. (2009) Soil phosphorus and microbial response to a long-term wildfire chronosequence in northern Sweden. Biogeochemistry, 95: 199–2013.

Lagerström, A., Bellingham, P.J., Bonner, K.I., Wardle, D.A. (2011) The effect of simulated herbivory on growth and nutrient status of focal and neighbouring early successional woody plant species. Oikos, 120: 1380–1392.

Lagerström, A., Nilsson, M.C., Zackrisson, O., Wardle, D.A. (2007) Ecosystem input of nitrogen through biological fixation in feather mosses during ecosystem retrogression. Functional Ecology, 21: 1027–1033.