Guojun Chen joined Nanyang Business School as an Assistant Professor in Finance in 2016. His research interest includes corporate liquidity, international finance, and the interaction between finance and macroeconomics. He won Shmuel Kandel Award for An Outstanding Doctoral Student in Financial Economics in the 2016 Utah Winter Finance Conference.
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Asst Prof Chen Guojun
Assistant Professor

Risk management; Corporate Cash Savings and Investment; Macroeconomics and Finance; Corporate Finance Theory and Empirical Studies.
  • Corporate Savings, Financing, And Investment With Aggregate Uncertainty Shocks Corporate Investment And Risk Management With Devaluation Risks
  • Guojun Chen, Jun-Koo Kang, Jin-Mo Kim, Hyun Seung Na. (2014). Sources of value gains in minority equity investments by private equity funds: Evidence from block share acquisitions. Journal of Corporate Finance, 29, 449-474.