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Assoc Prof Leong Weng Kee
Associate Professor, School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
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Highly Cited:
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Recent Publication:
Kong, J. W., Lam, Z., Chan, K. H., Ganguly, R., Joey Lee, J. Y., Loo, L. H., ... & Leong, W. K. (2021). Group VIII Metal Carbonyl Cluster-Boronic Acid Conjugates: Cytotoxicity and Mode of Action Studies. ACS Omega, 6(43), 29045-29053.

Barik, C. K., Ganguly, R., Li, Y., Samanta, S., & Leong, W. K. (2021). Reaction of the Decaosmium Carbido Cluster [Os 10 (µ 6-C)(CO) 24] 2− with Halostibines. Journal of Cluster Science, 32(4), 929-935.

Koh, W. X., Coppo, L., Ganguly, R., Holmgren, A., & Leong, W. K. (2021). Metallocenyl derivatives of ebselen are selective and competitive inhibitors of thioredoxin reductase. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 943, 121822.

Li, Y. Z., Yuan, Z. R., Ganguly, R., Li, Y., Rajaratnam, D. R., & Leong, W. K. (2021). Ligand substitution in the osmium carbonyl cluster Os2 (CO) 8 (µ3-SbPh) Os (CO) 3 (Cl) 2: towards derivatives of the osmostibine metalloligand. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 942, 121817.

Neo, R. K. E., Ong, H. W., Wong, Z. X., Kumaran, E., Ganguly, R., Leong, W. K., & Tan, Y. L. K. (2022). Coordination of the hemilabile ligand diphenylvinylphosphine to Ru4 (µ-H) 4 (CO) 12: synthesis, stability and structural studies. Journal of Cluster Science, 33(5), 2337-2343.

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