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Assoc Prof Miles Alexander Powell
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
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I received my BA and MA from Simon Fraser University, where I researched the environmental history of Native herring fisheries in British Columbia. I completed doctoral studies at the University of California-Davis, developing fields in environmental history, American history, and world history. My first book, Vanishing America: Species Extinction, Racial Peril, and The Origins of Conservation (Harvard UP, 2016), uses discourses of extinction to explore connections between environmental conservation, race science, eugenics, immigration restriction, and population control in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century America. I am presently an Assistant Professor of Environmental History at NTU in Singapore, where I am researching the global history of human interactions with sharks in the twentieth century.
My areas of expertise and interest include environmental history, world history, indigenous history, the history of the North American West, and U.S. history.
  • The Future of Planetary Health: Lessons from a Global Pandemic