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Prof Luke Kang Kwong Kapathy
Professor, School of Humanities
President’s Chair in Linguistics
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Luke, K.K. (2021). Parties and Voices: On Joint Production of Conversational Turns. In Chinese Language and Discourse 12.1.

Luke, K.K. (2019). Chinese Conversation Analysis. In The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Discourse Analysis, edited by Chris Shei. London: Routledge. 1-20.

Luke, K.K. & Xiaoling He (2019). Hand gestures and emergent speakership: A study of turn-competition and gesticulation in Cantonese conversation. In Multimodality in Chinese Interaction, edited by Xiaoting Li & T. Ono. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 99-118.

Goh WP, Luke KK, Cheong SA (2018). Functional shortcuts in language co-occurrence networks. PLoS ONE 13(9): 1-18.

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陆镜光 (2015). 语言,文化,思维:兼谈新加坡的咖啡文化 (Language, culture, thought: An analysis of ‘coffee culture’ in Singapore) 《粤语研究》(Studies of Cantonese) 18: 88-96.

Luke, K.K. and Wong, L.Y. M. (2015). Hong Kong Cantonese Corpus: Design and uses. In: Tsou, Benjamin, Yee, Kwong Oi, (Eds.), Linguistic Corpus and Corpus Linguistics in the Chinese Context. Journal of Chinese Linguistics Monograph Series. 309-330.

Luke, K.K. (2012). Dislocation or afterthought? – A Conversation Analytic account of incremental sentences in Chinese Discourse Processes 49.3&4: 338-365.