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Assoc Prof Chou Meng-Hsuan
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
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Hsuan is an Associate Professor and the Provost’s Chair in Public Policy and Global Affairs at NTU Singapore, where she joined as a Nanyang Assistant Professor in 2013. Together with Kim Moloney and Michael Bauer, she is the series co-editor of Transnational Administration and Global Policy, Bristol University Press (2019-).

She was previously a postdoctoral researcher at ARENA - Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo (2008-2012), the Academic Coordinator of UACES collaborative research network on the European Research Area (2013-2016), a Convenor of the ECPR Standing Group on Knowledge Politics and Policies (2016-2019), a writing fellow at the Johannesburg Institute of Advanced Studies (JIAS), South Africa (February-May 2018), a Fung Global Fellow at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS), Princeton University (2018-2019), and a Japan Foundation Fellow at Waseda University (2019-2020). Hsuan has held visiting positions at The University of Sydney, Université de Lille, Stanford University, Université Libre de Bruxelles, University of Helsinki, Luiss Guido Carli, and SciencesPo.

Her research focuses on the transformation of the state through inter-state and inter-regional policy cooperation in areas of contemporary salience such as migration, academic mobility, higher education, and food. Hsuan has researched the emergence and evolution of higher education regionalisms in Asia and Europe, how governments in Asia and Europe compete for talent in a globalised world, academic mobility to and from Singapore, and the relationship between policy design and the effects of on-demand food delivery.

At NTU, she has designed and taught the following courses: Fundamentals of Politics (HA1012), Making Sense of Politics (HA2001), Comparative Public Policy (HA2013), Borderless Migration? (HA3018), European Union (HA4014), Global Perspectives on Politics and Policy (HA4028), Food Politics and Policies (HA4035), and Knowledge Politics (HA4039).

Hsuan studied political science at Berkeley (BA), European public administration at Leiden (MA), European politics and society at Oxford (MPhil), and politics and international studies at Cambridge (PhD).

For more about her research, publications, and teaching, please see
Global policy and transnational administration
Regionalism and regional integration (EU, ASEAN)
Research and higher education policies
Migration and asylum policies
Food politics and policies
Institutional and organisational theory
  • Policy Design and the Power of Algorithms: The Politics of On-Demand Food Delivery
  • Provost's Chair in Public Policy and Global Affairs (Chou Meng-Hsuan)
  • Selling food heritage: Exploring drivers of Eurasian and Peranakan home catering businesses