Academic Profile

Christopher Holman is a political theorist who studies the history of political thought and contemporary critical and democratic theory. After receiving his Ph.D. from York University in Toronto, he completed a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Philosophy at Stony Brook University in New York. His most recent book, Machiavelli and the Politics of Democratic Innovation, was published in 2018 by the University of Toronto Press, as was his first book in 2013, Politics as Radical Creation: Herbert Marcuse and Hannah Arendt on Political Perfomativity. He has also co-edited a volume entitled Thinking Radical Democracy: The Return to Politics in Post-War France. In addition to these books he has published a variety of scholarly articles in journals such as History of Political Thought, European Journal of Political Theory, Theory & Event, Contemporary Political Theory, Telos, New German Critique, New Political Science, Utopian Studies, The European Legacy, Italian Culture, Critical Horizons, Radical Philosophy Review, Rethinking Marxism, and more. Currently he is in different stages of developing two research projects: the first is a study of Thomas Hobbes as a critic and anatomist of democracy, tentatively entitled Hobbes and the Democratic Imaginary; the second is a genealogy of a form of democratic theory grounded in the philosophical-anthropological affirmation of a creative human principle, tentatively entitled The Politics of the Species Being: Rousseau, Marx, Castoriadis.
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Assoc Prof Christopher Holman
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences

-history of political thought (particularly early-modern and modern)
-contemporary political theory
-critical theory
-democratic theory
-political anthropology
-psychoanalysis and politics
  • Democracy And Comparative Political Theory: Imaginative Encounters In The History Of Political Thought
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