Academic Profile

Prof Erry Gunawan has been in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering since 1989. He received his Bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Leeds, Master in Business Administration and Ph.D. degrees both from the University of Bradford. His research interests include channel coding, wireless communications, spread-spectrum communications and CDMA, powerline communications, UWB communications, OFDM, radio-locations, MAC protocol and the applications of UWB for RADAR and medical imaging. He has done significant research work his research areas and published over 130 top quality international conference and journal papers. He has been often invited as a reviewer for a number of premier conferences and journals, including IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Communications Letters, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, etc. Dr. Gunawan is a member of IEEE.
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Assoc Prof Erry Gunawan
Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Assoc Prof Erry Gunawan's areas of expertise are in digital wireless communications systems, powerline communications, channel coding, spread-spectrum communications and CDMA, OFDM, MAC protocol and radio-locations. His current research works focus on the applications of UWB for RADAR and medical imaging and MIMO wireless communications.
  • SWARM Communication – Scalability and Resiliency
  • Bo Han, Erry Gunawan, Yu Morton, and Lim Wee Seng. (2018). Effect of the Different Refractivity Input on the Signal Amplitude Method’s PBL Heights. ICGPSRO2018.

  • Bo HAN, Erry Gunawan. (2017). Planetary Boundary Layer Height Detection using COSMIC Satellites. 14th Annual Meeting Asia Oceania Geosciences Society.

  • Bo Han, Erry Gunawan, Kay-Soon Low, Yu Morton, Tieh-Yong Koh. (2016). Performance Evaluation of Radio Occultation Data Processing Software in Southeast Asia. 2016 Joint CEDAR-GEM Workshop.

  • S.L. Xie, G.X.Lee, K. S. Low, E. Gunawan. (2014). Wireless Sensor Network for Satellite Applications: A Survey and Case Study. Unmanned Systems, 2(3), 261-277.

  • B. Sivaneasan, K. Nandha Kumar, P. L. So, and E. Gunawan. (2012). Proc. 10th International Power and Energy Conference (IPEC 2012): A hybrid PLC-WiMAX based communication system for advanced metering infrastructure.Vietnam.