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Assoc Prof Tan Ying Ying
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
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Tan Ying Ying is Associate Professor of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies at the Nanyang Technological University. She is the first Singaporean to have received the prestigious Fung Global Fellowship from Princeton University.

Ying Ying works on issues pertaining to language use and perception in bilingual and multilingual communities within the frameworks of sociophonetics and sociolinguistics. Her initial research focused on the phonetic and prosodic features of Singapore English, inquiring into what these features can say about Singapore English as a legitimate variety of English that has some form of global status and recognition. Her concern with seeking legitimacy for languages in Singapore has also led her to examine policy and social issues that shape and affect language planning and policies in Singapore and internationally. For her work on language planning and policy, she is particularly interested in understanding and unveiling how the Singaporean state manages ethnolinguistic diversity and engineers multilingual individuals through language, education and media policies.

Sociophonetics, Acoustic phonetics (prosody in particular), Language Planning & Policy, Contact phonology (especially tone)

Singapore English; Chinese languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Teochew (Southern Min), Hokkien and Cantonese; Malay.
Tan Ying Ying is trained as a phonetician. Her research in phonetics has focused largely on the prosody (stress, intonation, rhythm) of Singapore English and other languages in Singapore, with particular attention to social-indexical variation, ethnic differentiation and substrate influence. Her current research inquiry concerns the constitution of the Singaporean accent. Besides Singapore English, she is also interested in the tonology of Southern Min languages such as Teochew and Hokkien. A firm believer in interdisciplinarity, she is engaged in understanding and analyzing language policy and planning through the lenses of cultural theory and contemporary thought. She has published in areas as phonetics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics and cultural theory.
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