Academic Profile

Te Bao is an associate professor of economics at the School of Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He obtained his Ph.D in Economics in 2012 from CeNDEF, University of Amsterdam. His research interest includes experimental economics, behavioral finance and real estate economics. His works are published in Economic Journal, European Economic Review, Experimental Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization and Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.
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Assoc Prof Bao Te
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences

Experimental Economics, Behavioral Finance, Real Estate Economics
  • Experimental Study the Effect of Communication and Settlement System on Financial Stability
  • Bao T, Halim E, Noussair CN, Riyanto YE. (2020). Managerial Incentives and Stock Price Dynamics: An Experimental Approach. Experimental Economics, , forthcoming.

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