Academic Profile

Dr. Wang is the assistant Professor in the School of HSS since 2009. He received his PhD in Economics from Michigan State University. His main research interests are Econometrics, particularly with applications to stochastic frontier models, and International Finance. He has taught various courses including Principle of Macroeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Econometrics at various levels, and Math Review Camp for incoming PhD students over the past few years in the US and Singapore.
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Dr Wang Wei Siang
Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences

Stochastic Frontier Analysis
Financial Market
  • High-frequency analysis of financial stresses in the time of COVID-19
  • Wang, Wei-Siang, C. Amsler, and P. Schmidt. (2011). Goodness of fit tests in stochastic frontier models. Journal of Productivity Analysis, 35(2), 95-118.

  • Wang, Wei-Siang, and Peter Schmidt. (2009). On the Distribution of Estimated Technical Efficiency in Stochastic Frontier Models. Journal of Econometrics, 148, 36-45.