Academic Profile

Laura Miotto is an award winning exhibition designer and educator. With 20 years of experience, in the field of design both as a creative director and an architectural designer Miotto has worked on the creation of a multitude of permanent and temporary exhibitions. Her focus is on heritage interpretation and design strategies that involve the sensorial experience in the context of museums, thematic galleries and public spaces.

Among her projects, the Living Galleries at the National Museum of Singapore received the Design Exchange Award in Canada in 2007 and Quest for Immortality: The World of Ancient Egypt was Design of the Year 2010 in Singapore (President Design Award).
In addition to her role at ADM she is Design Director of GSM Project in Singapore, an international firm specialised in exhibition design originated in Montréal, Canada.

Recent exhibition projects include:
Trees of Life. Knowledge in Materials, NTU CCA, Singapore (2018)
Incomplete Urbanism: Attempts of Critical Spatial Practice, NTU CCA, Singapore (2016)
Port Cities: Multicultural Emporiums of Asia, 1500-1900, Asian Civilization Museum, Singapore (2016)
Artist and Empire, National Gallery Singapore (2016)
Treasures of the World from the British Museum, National Museum of Singapore (2015/16)
History Gallery, National Museum of Singapore (2015)
Natural History Museum, Lee Kong Chian, Singapore (2015)
Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore (2015)
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Assoc Prof Laura Miotto
Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media

My research interests span the areas of:
• theories, methods and design processes used in exhibitions design and spatial narratives in the context of museums and public places
• understanding Exhibition Design historically and in relation to the new socioeconomic realities of Singapore and other modern Asian societies
  • A New Generation Of Narrative Environments. The Development Of Exhibition Design In Museums And Public Spaces In Singapore And Southeast Asia.
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